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We love white slippers. And we’re not alone. People all over the country love white slippers as much as we do. Which is where the problem lies: soft, plush slippers that have the ability to make home feel like a tranquil retreat are only available at five-star hotels. And while cheap white slippers are sold online, the quality and packaging is disappointing.

After spending an entire year buying cheap knock-offs of luxury hotel slippers, we decided to have slippers made to our (somewhat picky) specifications. This was the start of establishing the only company that solely focuses on white slippers, a title we take seriously with a dedication to quality, comfort, packaging, and service that is unmatched.

Our slippers are made with plush coral fleece fabric, comfortable padded soles, and safe non-skid surfaces. All orders receive free shipping and ship out of Chicago, IL, so you get your slippers in a matter of days, not weeks. And your satisfaction is guaranteed. The only thing we love more than slippers are our customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with every purchase.

Today, people all over the United States love our slippers, ordering one-time packages and subscriptions for themselves, and purchasing 10-pair bundle packs as gifts for others. Each pair is individually packaged with a love note and we also offer customization options for branded gifts.

Try our slippers and let us know - are you like our 600 satisfied customers? Will you love them as much as we do? 

Love White Slippers Logo is Two Luxury Hotel Slippers in the shape of a Heart

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