You never told me why you're shoe free?

And I'm not sure that I ever told you why we're a 100% (somewhat obsessive) shoe-free home.

Want the short answer? My husband. 

I'll tell you the whole story but first I want to know why you're shoe-free, or at the very least, someone who prefers house slippers over shoes any day.

Why are you shoe-free (or at the very least someone who prefers... you get the idea)? And if you roll in circles where being shoe-free is counter cultural, welcome to the club!! Take heart, though. You're not alone. 
  • "We have off-white carpet and I have a compromised immune system."
    - Terry from Detroit
  • "There is more to removing your shoes than physical dirt. The idea is that you are leaving mental and physical at the door."
    - Rich from Miami
  • "After having traveled to Japan several years ago, no shoes in our house. I don't want all that outside dirt in my place."
    - Judith from Chicago
As for us? Well, you can read the whole story about why my husband is the reason we're a 100% (somewhat obsessive) shoe-free home and how we - after months of searching - finally found the perfect house slippers.

Stay comfy,