3 Most Motivating Cleaning Videos on YouTube

Love White Slippers - Motivating Cleaning Videos on YouTubeCleaning videos on YouTube are my antidote to procrastination. When it’s time to clean, I pull out every excuse in the book. (I’m hungry. We need milk. My library books are due… to name a few.) I’ll do anything to avoid cleaning. But I finally found something that motivates me to get up and clean: YouTube videos.

I would never associate watching a YouTube video with motivation to “get up and go.” But when we visited my sister-in-law – a full-time teacher and mother of two young girls – and saw her spotless home, I had to ask, “How do you do it?”

It turns out, it’s not how she does it, it’s “How Jen Does It,” a YouTube channel that chronicles the daily cleaning routine of a Michigan-based wife and mother.

My sister-in-law explained that she watches Jen’s videos and feels motivated to clean. So when I got home, I tried it. And, to my husband’s surprised, it worked. Now I’m hooked on watching cleaning videos on YouTube when I need motivation to get going with my cleaning routine.

This works so well for me that I want to share the 3 most motivating cleaning videos with you.

1. How Jen Does It: Speed Cleaning My House | Speed Clean with Me | Cleaning Motivation

2. She’s in Her Apron: CLEANING MOTIVATION ~ Speed Cleaning My Home!

3. Clean My Space: Simple Cleaning Routines (and Completely Painless!) – 12 Video Series

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