5 Ideas for Hosting House Guests Without a Guest Room

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we can make the basement (the only “extra” space in the house) a hospitable domain for house guests. Below are 5 ideas I’ve come up with. I’m hoping they help you host house guests too.

1. Put Out Fresh Linens

Love White Slippers - Hosting House Guests with No Guest RoomThe easiest way to make your small space feel like a luxury hotel is to offer clean comfortable linens. Even if guests will be sleeping on the couch, put nice sheets and blankets out. Also, a stack of nicely scented, soft towels and washcloths is always appreciated.

2. Create Privacy

Add a little privacy to your space by putting up a barrier, like a folding screen or drapes that separate the newly designated sleeping quarters from the rest of the public space.

3. Prepare an Essentials Package

Mydomaine.com offers a simple idea that makes your small space seems like a luxury hotel: put together an essentials package. “...fill a tray with boxed water, snacks, a map of the city, a set of keys, a notepad with the Wi-Fi password, a spare phone charger, mini bath products, an extra toothbrush, magazines, and anything else... they might need or enjoy. It’s the small details that go a long way.”

4. Open Up Space

Remember that your guests’ personal items need accommodation too. Before they arrive, declutter your home so they have space to place their luggage, coats, shoes, and other personal belonging. If you can, clear closet space and set aside part of your bathroom countertop for toiletries.

5. Offer Travel Slippers

When your guests’ comfort is your highest priority, offering travel slippers can go a long way to make them feel at home. Especially if you keep a shoe-free home, providing fresh slippers allows your guest to get comfortable while in a new environment.

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