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Soft, Plush Slippers

Whether you keep a shoe-free home, wander the world as a frequent traveler, enjoy showering the ones you love with gifts they'll love and use, or take pleasure in the simple act of slipping your feet into soft slippers at the end of a hard day, we think you’ll love our plush white premium quality slippers.

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Soft, Plush Slippers

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Soft, Fresh Slippers - Free Shipping and Satisfaction Guaranteed


Fall in love with the crisp comfort of fresh slippers. Our premium quality white slippers are soft, plush, and guaranteed to add a touch of comfort to your home or wherever you wear them. Slipper lovers choose our slippers for their shoe-free homes, frequent travels, house guests, special presents, bridal parties, wedding favors for traveling guests, and more. We also offer convenient and cost-effective 10-pair bundle packs

What to Expect:

Plush coral fleece material
Comfortable padded soles
Safe non-skid surfaces
Quick (always free!) shipping
High quality eco-friendly packaging
Slippers you'll love - your satisfaction is guaranteed 

About Size:

Our plush white slippers come in one size (11.5" in length and 4" in width - to be exact). They fit most women and men with shoes sizes between 8 and 11.

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Customer Reviews

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Soft & Fuzzy

The first thing I noticed was how soft the slippers felt when I touched them and took them out of the bag they came in. I put them on and they felt warm! My feet get cold very easily, so having something that I could wear around the house is perfect! Though they do get a little warm and make my feet sweat during the day so it's more of a night time "I'm walking around the house" instead of letting's wear them all the time in the home. I gave this 5 star because they are definitely great slippers! Soft & Fuzzy! It is literally like walking on a cloud~! and they grip the they don't slide like other slippers do when I am in the kitchen in the slippers. This is like walking on a cloud!

Super satisfied!!!

Oh wow , let me start with that ! I am super satisfied I can wear my slippers every where they are so comfy I will definitely be buying more !!! Never though just a plain white pair of slippers could be so soft An comfy. These are to die for ! I will definitely be recommending these to every one ���

Love them!

So cozy! I have to keep taking them back from my kids! They fit nicely and they're fast becoming my favorite things to put on my feet! I have big feet and was a little worried that these wouldn't be big enough, but hooray! The plush is soft and warm. love them!

Love White Slippers So Worth It!!

I love my Love White slippers! They are so soft and keep my feet nice and warm. We have wood floors throughout our house and they are always cold. They also keep my feet from getting coated in dog hair constantly (we have 3 dogs who shed heavily). My daughter loved them so much too. She actually stole them from me! The one size fits both of us even though we wear very different shoe sizes.

The shipping was extremely fast! I thought they would take longer and was still on vacation when they came. I had to wait an extra day due to my mail hold, but it was so worth it!

So soft and comfy!

These slippers are awesome! Super fast shipping and they are so soft and comfy!

Free Shipping & Satisfaction Guaranteed on Every Order